Vem är Mama Gumbo?

Artisten Floid Gumbo, alias Mama Gumbo, är en sprakande färgstark personlighet, en glädjespriderska som har afrikansk underhållning som sitt varumärke. Floid är född och uppväxt i Zimbabwe och flyttade till Sverige 1994. Musiken har alltid varit en viktig del i hennes liv och möter du henne kommer den bli det i ditt liv också.

Floid har fått flera utmärkelser:
2012: ABF Göteborgs Kulturpris
2011: Årets artist, Maishagalan
2010: Årets kvinna, Chilenska kulturföreningen, Göteborg

Mama Gumbo performs for different age groups, at festivals, churches and all sorts of events.

Biography – in Floids own words

I sing about what I see happening in the world. I have a passion for music and I love the stage. Rea bina (We are dancing). Sounds the trumpet, the drum beat, yes they will hear it.

Music sings, Music gets poetic, Music talks, Music heals, Brings the lost voices to life, Opens the plights of the unknown and sometimes music cries, some songs are in pain… Senzeni na? (What have we done?) – The apartheid in South Africa! Zimbabwe! – The struggles of the oppressed, music consoles – Uthando Lwami – Rebecca… Esandleni Somusa (In the hand of they that giveth) – What about making noise about God’s love? The inspiration of the African drums, the healing and inspiration of Gospel. Freedom songs, so much strength people got from them!

I was born and raised in Gwanda, Zimbabwe. Tribally speaking a minority. To me music has been a bridge between my African past and my Sweden present. Yah, I REALLY love music! I have done a lot of performing all around in Sweden, I have performed alongside Vusi Mahlasela and look forward to expanding to other corners of the world.

Africa has lost one of its gifted voices Miriam Makeba after Brenda Fassie, one lost voice from Africa, but I vow to keep the voice alive left by Mama Africa and will continue to root Mama Africa in Sweden and the world. Miriam and Brenda have been such an inspiration to me, I think of Brendas songs Vulindlela (Open the Way), they have really opened the way for me.

Inquiries and more information
0762-41 39 68